#youthpalermo - Back to your roots

"You do not emigrate just to escape from the cruelty of your own home, but also to reach the depths of your soul." - ​Orhan Pamuk

A tour of Palermo in search of your family origins: discover, with us, the places where you can trace your roots back to!

#youthpalermo is a VisitSicily - Wonderful Italy project, it was financed by the municipality of Palermo, department of Institutional Relations, Development and Human Resources - Strategic Development Sector. Hire a bike or take a tour around Palermo. Come along on our guided tours of Palermo! Discover the city with us, every week a different tour! Our tours are vibrant, informal and full of useful tips about finding the coolest things to do and see in the city. 

Back to your roots is a special personalized walking tour dedicated to the children or grandchildren of immigrants from Palermo. It covers the neighbourhoods and areas of origin of the participants, where they can get to meet with real characters of the neighborhoods in question. A fascinating way to find the places of their roots and visit the neighborhood or square from which grandparents and parents left in search of fortune.


Those who believe that knowing their past helps to live the present and build a better future.


Comfortable shoes and the desire to discover the Palermo of your ancestors.


Our very good and friendly guides, the squares and neighbourhoods of the Palermo of your ancestors.





  • Lunedì: su richiesta
  • Martedì: su richiesta
  • Mercoledì: su richiesta
  • Giovedì: su richiesta
  • Venerdì: su richiesta
  • Sabato: su richiesta
  • Domenica: su richiesta


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