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The adventure started in 2008 with an idea from Maurizio and Andrea: create a completely Sicilian tourist website but with a cosmopolitan view on our island. Today...


Marta Anelli Responsabile Esperienze

Esperienza più bella: 玛稻尼埃 (西西里) -从一位牧民那里以口耳相传的方式学习到了有关西西里鲜乳酪的所有知识。

Laura Caruso Responsabile Ospitalità e Operations

Esperienza più bella: 乌斯蒂卡 (西西里) - 和一位当地老渔民一起夜钓鱿鱼。

Giorgia Puleo Responsabile Logistica

Esperienza più bella: 斯菲拉卡瓦洛 (西西里) -我的孩子们用惊奇的目光看着一位老渔民编织渔网,他们被这古老的手艺深深迷住了。

Emanuele Basile Accoglienza

Esperienza più bella: 圣维托罗卡伯(西西里) - 与一位海洋考古学家一起潜入海底,探寻埋藏在水下的公元前历史遗迹-石磨和双耳陶罐。

Margherita Vaglio Tessitore Responsabile Abitazioni

Esperienza più bella: 奥尔维耶托 (翁布里亚) – 在一段漫长的旅行后与好友在奥尔维耶托下车,从火车站出来,瞬间被翁布里亚大区丰满的色彩惊艳到。远处的主教堂在阳光下闪烁着神圣的光辉,迷人至极。


Eleonora Salamone Infopoint

Esperienza più bella: 奥提伽 (西西里) -迷失在犹太区色彩缤纷的小巷中,任凭直觉引导自己的步伐。人们在一间间木工作坊中辛勤地劳作着和创作着,时间不曾留下印记,这里与过去别无二样。


Esperienza più bella:

In Palermo

If you are already in Sicily you can visit us at MICRO2 in Via Torremuzza 15, Palermo

Via Torremuzza 15, Palermo

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We are really lucky because we meet a lot of nice people from everywhere - guests, travellers, bloggers, journalists travelling to Sicily and so on...

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Sizilien Haupstadt Palermo: MultiKulti Chaos und Kreative Menschen

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To national and international travel agents, tour operators, media companies, we provide an on-the-ground partner organization for the booking of services or other tourist assistance for their clients.


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