Where to sleep in Palermo. An insider Guide to areas and Neighborhoods

Sleeping in Palermo: our guide to discover the best spots and the best neighborhoods to book your stay in Palermo for vacation, work, study.

When you book a holiday and a place to sleep, you know well that the choice of the neighborhood is of fundamental importance: the nearby attractions, means of transport, but also the type of experiences you have in mind.

For this reason we want to guide you to discover the main areas and the main neighborhoods of Palermo where you will find apartments, bed and breakfast, rooms for rent, hotels and holiday homes for all needs.

Central Palermo

The center of Palermo is certainly the area with the most attractions and the best base from which to discover the capital of Sicily in general.

In the historic center of Palermo you will find most of the accommodation facilities, in areas steeped of culture, monuments and also of things to do, both day and night.

Traditional markets such as Ballarò, Capo and Vucciria are fascinating places and you might decide to spend the night within these neighborhoods. Choose historic markets if you want to live the local Sicilian life, but remember that by their nature, these sites can be pretty much noisy and crowded during the day as at night.

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The area of ​​Via Roma, as well as that of Via Libertà, are quieter, while remaining in center and close to many cultural attractions and not.

One of the most interesting areas of the historical center is the Kalsa. It is an area recently redeveloped and now safe, a few steps from the promenades of Palermo, full of bars and restaurants but also beautiful apartments with terrace. Despite the still decadent aspect of many of his alleys, the Kalsa district is an ideal not only for young people and backpackers but also for families and women traveling alone.

The recent pedestrianization of Via Maqueda, which from the Teatro Massimo brings to the Palermo Central Station, made it a very pleasant area to live for tourists who wish to book a room in Palermo downtown.

The historic center of Palermo is by far the most multicultural area of ​​Palermo: smells, colors and flavors from around the Mediterranean and beyond, filling the narrow streets of unparalleled beauty.

The old town neighborhoods are also ideal for those who come to Palermo for work or study. For theater companies the area of ​​Via Roma or Kalsa are convenient places for the proximity of the main theaters (Teatro Biondo in Via Roma, Teatro Massimo in Piazza Verdi, Teatro Libero Piazza Marina) and major public transport.

For business travelers, an apartment near Via Libertà, the Teatro Politeama and Via Ruggero Settimo, is the ideal choice for the proximity of banks, public offices and offices of large companies, foreign languages schools.

Another very pleasant area to live either on holiday or for a business trip is the area of ​​Via Dante, Piazza Lolli and Via Re Federico close to the most elegant streets of the city, rich in historical testimonies (villas and Art Nouveau buildings, the Zisa castle) and industrial archeology as the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, which host Goethe Institut and Centre Culturel Français.


Homes near the Sea of ​​Palermo: Mondello Addaura

An interesting way to experience Palermo is to rent  a house near the sea of ​​Palermo: Mondello (beach) and Addaura (cliffs).

If you are looking for a place to sleep in Palermo, quiet for most of the year, you should consider this option.

Less than ten miles from the city center Mondello and Addaura are at the foot of Monte Pellegrino and offer tranquil, green and beautiful landscapes.

Do not think that they are places exclusively for summer and beach holidays only: in fact these areas are also the most beautiful in other times of the year, like Autumn, when the crowds of people who go to the beach fade away and who remains can enjoy relax and silence.

Even Sferracavallo is a lovely area just a few minutes' drive from Palermo, on the sea.

Villas and holiday homes in Province of Palermo

If you arrive in Palermo with your car or you still plan to hire one, you can also opt for overnight stays in the province.

For example Cinisi and Terrasini are interesting destinations, particularly if you want to rent a villa or a house with outside space and garden, near the sea (you can find information and tips on the site of tourist information dedicated to Cinisi and Terrasini). Cefalu is also a popular small town not far from Palermo.

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