The House-Museum Stanze al Genio

The biggest collection of Italian tiles in the historical centre of Palermo, located in the Palazzo Torre Piraino

Before you read this article, you must know that the Stanze al Genio is not a museum and therefore not sponsored by the government. It is a private house with a large collection of beautiful tiles.

The owners still live here and are very passionate about their home full of art. Pio Mellina, one of the owners, started to collecting Italian tiles when he was only eleven years old. When he grew up, he bought his part in the Palazzo Torre Piraino. This is a residential building of the 18th century in one of the most ancient streets of the Kalsa District in the historical centre.

During the guided tour, you will be able to discover seven different rooms filled with majolica and ceramic tiles. Most of them are handmade and come from Naples and the south of Sicily. The tiles you will see, are all authentic floor tiles.

In the first room, the guide will show you 19th and 20th century tiles made in Naples and some utensils from the same period. In this room you will also discover the Arab and Islamic influences, as well as the Greek and Roman influences. The passionate guide will also explain the link between the tiles from Naples and Pompeii. Furthermore, you can learn how artists used the biscuit, majolica and ceramic technique.

In the second room you will discover the difference between tiles from 1920 and from 1935. In that period, there was a transition from handmade products to mass industry. The guide will show you the differences concerning colours, size and way of production.

In the third, fourth and fifth room, you will be able to discover the Sicilian tiles. The guide will explain you the difference between the tiles from Sicily and Naples. In the sixth and seventh room, all the tiles from Palermo are displayed.

The cultural association of Stanze al Genio was founded in Palermo in 2008 and its goal is to protect and valorise the collection and make it more accessible. During your visit you will discover the majolica and ceramic tiles and you will see that they are taken great care of.

If you want to discover the tile collection, you can contact the owners to make an appointment. There is no acquired minimum number of persons and the guided tour will take place at a moment that is suitable for both parties.


General information:


Adults: 26 - 64 years  € 7,00

Students & 65+  € 5,00


Casa museo "Stanze al Genio" - Via Garibaldi 11, Palermo

To book your visit call us at the MICRO (Telephone number + 39 091 7838185) or send us an email 

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