500 reasons to visit Palermo

Fiat 500 is an institution in Sicily...

The Fiat 500 is one of the most popular Italian cars.

The first model, the so-called "Topolino" dates back to 1936. Then "the new cinquecento" - which is still around - was launched in 1957 and it was cheap enough that almost every italian working class family could afford its own 500.

Almost 60 years after those glorious days, in Palermo and Sicily you will see a lot of super nice small compact cars sneaking through our epic trafic jams or simply falling apart in an alley...

Be ready with your camera:behind every corner you might spot our beloved local street monument and add one more reason to visit Palermo in-depth!

If you find one 500 still missing in our gallery, please send it and we will be happy to share your discovery! 

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