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Michelle Bates
Travel Blogger

I took a 10 and a half hour ferry from Naples to Palermo on August 15, 2013.  At this point I was starting to feel incredibly sick.  My throat was in a lot of pain.  I had booked to just sit on the deck space for the whole duration, but lucky for me and the genes of my mother and father, the manager of the hotel took a liking to me and offered me a cabin on the boat all to myself.  Definitely a blessing as a warm shower and being able to sleep while being sick really helped.  

 Cabin on the ferry.
     I am so glad that I am a positive person.  What a good time to get strep throat!  I decided in Naples that I was so exhausted and could not carry on leaving a city only after a few days to go to another.  I wanted to plant myself in one place for a while and really take it all in.  I decided the southern region of Italy, Sicily was the best place for me.  Right when I first arrived at my B&B, I dropped of my bags, took a nap and when it was a decent hour in the day, I went to the pharmacist.  They told me I had strep and gave me drugs with no problem.  In the States, I would of had to go to the doctors and get tested first.  Thank you Italy!

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