Palermo is a Rainbow city

In 2014, the local administration headed by Leoluca Orlando has brought Palermo into the Rainbow Cities Network.

Now the city is one of the gems of the international network that connects those municipalities that fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, to promote the Fundamental Rights of citizens.

Lgbtq friendly
It is not a coincidence for Palermo, embedded into the most southern Italian region, to be at the forefront of the fight for civil rights. Those who walk on her streets still wear the scars of the fight with another tentacular monster, Mafia. Silence in the face of crime, oppression and the sense of imminent death floating above this wonderful and cursed city have been beaten by words and actions. In the ‘90 we saw the white sheets hanging outside the window of every house to denounce the grasp of Mafia over the population. Now we witness the rainbow revolution cruising through the streets promoting the right to be free. It is a small thing to share the map of locals and lgbtq friendly activities spread across the city, today important landmarks for a city and a society in continuous evolution.

From the wild and untouched yellow-sand beaches of Mondello, to the ”natural reserve coast of Barcarello” , both few minutes away from the city centre. A constellation of pubs, restaurants and meeting points where diversity is cherished and nurtured by cultural and social syncretism, stateless in a way, that is the perfect humus for social consensus to grow freely.

“Rainbow” cruising activitiesspecial saunas and spa, hotels and B&B are here for a reason. They reflect the history in the making, made of cultural activities, support actions, international events that take place in Palermo every year.

The Pride
Palermo is today a milestone for the Italian Pride, the rally that takes place every year towards the end of spring. Here the pride has reached the peak of its communication potential, becoming a moment for everyone to share, talk and discuss their points of view, through special events, seminars, panels.

Festivals and Theatres
Examples? The Sicilia Queer Festival, of which we are proud partners, is one of the most important events when it comes to cinematography worldwide, with its transversal agenda, with meetings all year long. And then art shows, parties, movie screenings. In 2018 Sicilia Queer Festival will keep on offering emotions.
On top of the usual events, in June the DigraItalia international convention will take place, focusing on Women, Lgtbq & Allies: Videogames and gender identity. From this experience the Teatro Bastardo was born, a melting pot of experiences and instances about diversity. And on a more light note, the PopShock, are more fun-oriented nights, where you can wander around in a super gay friendly environment and companionship.
Wanna see? Come to Palermo.