Gourmet Sicilian basket

If you want to take some time to taste 100% made in Sicily gourmet products during your holiday, or if you want to take home a piece of our island, choose our Sicilian Big Basket of gourmet products, selected for you! Our Big Basket includes:

1 bottle Red wine Nero d'avola Bio Domina Miccina cl 75

1 bottle White Wine Grillo Bio Domina Miccina cl 75

Sicilian Tunafish GIU 'GIU' Gr. 200

Pate of capers and almonds GIU 'GIU' Gr. 200

Sicilian anchovy fillets Gr. 90

Wholemeal breadsticks with rosemary GIU 'GIU' Gr. 150

Organic Olive Oil CL 75

Artichokes in oil GIU 'GIU' Gr. 300

Sicilian pesto Cherry tomato / zucchini / pistachios GIU 'GIU Gr. 200

Salted capers of the island of Salina Gr. 250

Sundried tomatoes Gr.300

Sicilian durum wheat pasta VALLE DEL GRANO (Various sizes: penne, rigatoni, tortiglioni, fusilli, spaghetti, linguine etc) Gr. 500

Almond biscuits F.LLI CARLINO Gr. 250

Vastedda del Belice DOP cheese 500 Gr.

Spicy Sausage from the Nebrodi mountains 300 Gr.

Primosale cheese with pistachio 300 Gr.

€ 100 (transport box included)