#youthpalermo - Friday Tours

“Palermo is a great metaphor of the true meaning of life, a metaphor that makes life worth living.” - Wim Wenders

Every Friday starting from April, a walking tour of the historic centre.

#youthpalermo is a VisitSicily - Wonderful Italy project, it was financed by the municipality of Palermo, department of Institutional Relations, Development and Human Resources - Strategic Development Sector. ​Hire a bike or take a tour around Palermo. How about coming along on our walking tours around the city? You’ll find a different tour each week. ​Our tours are vibrant, informal and full of useful tips about finding the coolest things to do and see in the city. 

Our Friday tours:
1. ​Walking with the locals
Through the ancient neighborhoods of the city in the company of a real ​Palermitano ​… not a guide: a friend who opens his door to you and shows you how local people live everyday. Lots of tips to discover local taverns, street food and an insight to the wonder of Palermo!
When: Every first and fourth Friday of the month, h.11.

2. Sunset walk
Every second Friday of the month, our walk begins at twilight, to explore the hidden secrets of Palermo ​and live the incredible nightlife of the historical centre, with its many pubs and bars, in complete safety.
When: Every second Friday of the month, h.18.30.

3. Artisan Palermo
The creative soul of Palermo on a guided tour of old and new generations of artisans. ​You’ll see for yourself how they work using traditional methods and contemporary design ​tradition and innovation reinvigorate the historic neighborhoods.
When: Every third Friday of the month, h.11.


 The young at heart!.


Comfortable shoes and the desire to discover the riches of Palermo in all its history, colour and creativity.


Our talented and friendly guides, the colourful characters who live in the historic centre, the artisans at work, and the Genius of Palermo.




  • Viernes: 11:00 - 13.30, 18.30 - 21:00



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