Palermo in just one day

A stroll around the old town of Palermo to enjoy its huge historical and cultural heritage in just one day? It is possible.. but it make you want to come back

If you have only one day to visit the city, we suggest you to enjoy the city by having a walk from Teatro Politeama to Teatro Massimo and along the axes of the Via Maqueda and Via Vittorio Emanuele, to the main and most famous monuments (Cathedral, the Church of san Cataldo and Martorana, Piazza Pretoria, but also Porta Nuova and  Palazzo dei Normanni  or towards the sea  to Piazza Marina). 

We also suggest you to by the main axes (Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda) to have a walk through the historic markets from Via Porta Carini, the entry of Mercato del Capo behind the Teatro Massimo.

From Via di Porta Carini we suggest you to go down to Via del Celso, than take Via Montevergini that will continue until Corso Vittorio Emanuele, proceed through it and you'll end up on the side of Mercato di Ballarò (Ballarò Market- other historical market still very much alive) near Piazza Bologni.

Once at the Market Ballarò you can get up to Piazza del Carmine or turn left into Via del Ponticello, where you can visit the magnificent church of Casa Professa, than you can cross Via Maqueda, then via Roma and up to Via Alloro and around to visit the  neighborhood "La Kalsa" once among the most disaster areas and today the epicenter of the process of urban regeneration with restored buildings and new cultural spaces. 

Come to meet us at MICRO2, via Torremuzza 15,  to arrange a customized city tour!