The ‘Mare Memoria Viva' Urban Ecomuseum and the Arsenale

Memory and the present regarding the relationship between the city of Palermo and the sea

It does not just explore the transformations in the relationship between the city and the sea that overlooks it, but also the life and works of many people who have contributed to building a piece of the city’s history. The Museum was created thanks to the testimonies of Palermitan families who participated in constructing the collection, keeping the memory of the city alive.

Mare Memoria Viva
Mare Memoria Viva is a multimedia and interactive museum that also tells Palermo’s story using sound and moving pictures. “Its relationship with the sea, in fact, tells us a lot about what the city was like, what it is like, and what it could be like in the future: there are stories of resistance, travel, and work.
There are memories, faded photos, forgotten places, tales, and postcards.
There are people, travellers, dock workers, writers, poets, swimmers, fishermen, ship workers, captains and sailors, people on the sea and people who hold it inside them wherever they may be”.

Arsenale della Marina Regia
The Ecomuseum has a second site in the Arsenale della Marina Regia rooms (Superintendence of the Sea – Department of Cultural Goods and Sicilian Identity).
It is the oldest monumental site, full of the city’s maritime history.

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