The Church of Saint Mary of The Chain

A structure in Catalan Gothic style built in the 16th century by the architect Matteo Carnilivari next to the seafront of Palermo

Built around 1500, this church is probably the most significtive example of the fusion between local architecture, late Renaissance and Catalan Gothic elements.

Inside the church there are two paintings of the Nativity: one Adoration of the Shepherds painted by an unknown artist, and an Adoration of the Three Wise Men by Vincenzo and Antonello Gagini, to whom are also attributed the church's bas reliefs and the column capitals of the grand entrance. A porch surrounds the structure and, especially during the sunset, it surprises with a magical play of lights. Its name derives from the chain that, attached to the church’s wall, closed the access to the Port of Cala.

Piazzetta delle Dogane, 1

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