MANIFESTA 12 Palermo

Manifesta 12 in Palermo, from 16th of June 2018 to 4th of November 2018

In the summer of 2018, the historic buildings abandoned or managed by private individuals, which includes around 180 dwellings, will play host to dozens of cultural events, exhibitions and concerts.
The inauguration of Manifesta, the touring biannual show, starts on the 15 th, but a lot of it is already being put into place. The sheer variety and quantity of the events that follow one another will become clear when the first previews are released during the course of the coming month. 

The Planetary Garden.

Manifesta is a site-specific cultural project that redefines the relationships between art and society through a continuous dialogue with the social environment in which it takes place. The Planetary Garden is the title of this edition that, in Palermo, identifies two fundamental themes for modern-day Europe: migration and climate conditions.
The main sections of this editorial proposal are fourfold:

  • Garden of Flows focuses on the toxicity, the life of plants and gardening culture, exploring it all in relation to global common goods, inside the Botanic Gardens at Via Lincoln, 2.
  • Out of Control Room investigates the issue of power in the current regime of global fluxes. The location of this section will be announced in the coming months.
  • City on Stage is addressed to the opportunities that exist in the centre and suburbs of Palermo to continue with projects that have been suspended and never finished, production collaborations between local and foreign partners, with the aim of acting as a catalyst to start long-term projects in the city.
  • The Garibaldi Theatre hosts a library, a café and is one of the main spaces for public events, including debates, workshops and cinematographic projections. Via Teatro Garibaldi, 46-56.

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