The beaches of Palermo

Mondello, Addaura, Capo Gallo, Barcarello... free public beaches or those fully equipped, sand and rocks, liberty villas and wild vegetation.

The sea at Palermo is a constant presence, even if sometimes you cannot see it!

To get there from the centre, it takes a few minutes by car or public transport, and you’ll get to some truly unmissable places. Here are some of them:

Located between Palermo and Mondello, with many entrances to the sea directly from the street. It is covered in rocks, and is the area preferred by Palermitans. Recently, the city has dedicated an EcoMuseo to it.  

A 15-minute car journey from the city centre (or with the 806 bus from Via Libertà). It is the most well-known seaside area in the city, thanks to fine sand and the sea with its emerald- green reflections. During the summer months, Mondello fills up with local swimmers, and a good part of the beach is taken up by small houses perfect for changing in. We advise you to visit it outside of high season, so you can walk along the coast, which faces the elegant liberty villas and the old Charleston seaside resort, at your leisure.

Right past Mondello the Capo Gallo and Barcarello marine and wildlife reserves stand out:

Capo Gallo
A hundred metres past Piazza di Mondello, continue along the main road until you reach La Torre Hotel. From there, continue by foot for a couple of kilometres inside the reserve along a street, which is paved at the start (until the lighthouse). Then, head along the path between the rocks.

It can be reached from Sferracavallo, a town about a half an hour’s car ride from the centre of Palermo. The walk of around two kilometres inside Barcarello leads to a platform literally mounted between the mountain and the sea. From there, it is beautiful when the sun sets behind the Isola delle Femmine.