Best places for young people in Palermo

Palermo is the best place to have a drink al fresco throughout the year

Below a list of the main places popular among young people!


Piazza Garraffello

Located in the heart of Vucciria, Piazza Garraffello is the ultimate essence of Palermo decadence. Framed by almost collapsing buildings used as "canvas” by international street artists, it is spotted by a bunch of bars and extemporaneous food stalls.
On weekends it becomes an outdoor dance floor until late!


Piazzetta della Canna

Is a lively social area that is usually a great place for gatherings with the local people called ‘Palermitani’. It is situated near the Cathedral and is located down the backstreets, off the main tourist paths of the city. However, the piazza is still located in the heart of the historical center and is a great place to go with many bars to choose from.


Piazza Magione

Piazza Magione is another populous night spot with bars. The piazza (square) is large and situated within the historical center of the Kalsa district. In the piazza there is a derelict building that adds a touch of undisturbed history.