Mondello, the elegant beach in Palermo

It is the hip area of Palermo, known for its beach with tropical colours and beautiful villas, made in a liberty style.

To start with, what is now considered a small paradise were swamplands, created from the outpouring downstream from the mountains.
Currently, it is the select destination of many Palermitans who even go there in winter. Mondello has many restaurants, stores, beach clubs, and windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing schools.

To the south-east of the beach, around Monte Pellegrino that overlooks it, there is Addaura, another sea town appreciated by Palermitans who visit the beach clubs along the coast.

To reach Mondello from Palermo, there are various buses you can take:

  • the 806 from Piazza Sturzo
  • the 606 from Piazza G. Paolo II
  • the 603 from Viale del Fante (opposite the Renzo Barbera Stadium)
  • the 614 or 615 – a longer journey that passes through Sferracavallo before reaching Mondello.