Favourable Piazze for a foolproof nightout in Palermo

Where to spend a night out in Palermo? Which square (Piazza) should you head to...? Best places for a drink in Palermo!

Palermo offers dozens of squares and outdoor areas (most of them pedestrian) in which you can find bars, restaurants with table outside. Here a short list of the most frequented by locals.

Piazza Olivella

This piazza is situated with a prestigious baroque church as the backdrop; you can reach the street through walking through a jumble of restaurants situated in front of Teatro Masssimo. The location is very central with the jumble of restaurants and shops making for a warm atmosphere of Sicilian lifestyle. Piazza Olivella itself offers many restaurants and bars. In the vicinity there's an area called "champagneria" full of hangouts for youngsters.

Piazzetta Bagnasco

This piazza is one of the more affluent of Piazze with a number of elegant bar and restaurants.


Piazzetta della Canna

Is a lively social area that is usually a great place for gatherings with the local ‘Palermitani’. It is situated near the Cathedral and is located down the backstreets, off the main tourist paths of the city. However the piazza is still located in the heart of the historical centre, and is a great place to go with many bars to choose from.


Piazza Rivoluzione

Located in the Kalsa district, the Revolution Square is one of the major landmarks of the historic city of Palermo as well as one of the epicenters of the nightlife of Palermo.

The piazza is dotted with Memorial plaques that recall historical events that took place in it.


Piazza Magione

Piazza Magione is also another populous night spot with bars such as drunks, the piazza is large and situated within the historical centre of the Kalsa district. The piazza is centred by a derelict building that adds a touch of undisturbed history.

La Cala

The Cala at night is a pretty place to harbour a ‘Passeggiata’ along the Cala the are a few bars that are lit up nicely and frame the harbour, where you can boat watch. 

Piazza Garraffello

Located in the heart of Vucciria, Piazza Garraffello is the ultimate essence of Palermo Decadence: framed by almost collapsing buildings, it is spotted by a bunch of bars with no licence at all to be there and extemporaneus food stalls. On weekends it becomes an outdoor discoteque till late...

Piazza San Francesco and Via Paternostro

A pedestrian area in between Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Alloro. you will find there the Focacceria san Francesco and a number of excellent wine bars and restaurants.

Piazza Sant'Anna

Located Nearby Via Roma and Via Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Sant'Anna is a perfect place for a summertime drink...