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Creative Design in Palermo
Palermo is not only pupi and cassata, there are plenty of creative young people and local projects that stand out for originality and imagination. Some of them offering interesting interpretations of the Sicilian tradition.

ALAB - Associazione Liberi Artigiani/Artisti Balarm (Palermo)

Alab is a network of artisans, artists, students and enthusiasts. Most of Alab (work)shops are located in the area of the Kalsa district (historic centre). Some shops are temporary and they only open at certain times of the year. At our tourist information point (Micro Via Alloro 19) you can find the latest information on where to find them.

Roberto Intorre, architect and goldsmith, designs and makes pieces of contemporary jewellery, making use of the local lava stone and also taking inspiration from the weave of the prickly pear to design rings. His works has been exhibited at the Triennale of Milano. Shop/ lab in Via Bara all’Olivella, 115.

Alessia Bruno, creator of contemporary jewellery inspired by the natural elements. Beautiful objects at low prices: without exhibition space for now but purchases can be made online (contact

Desideria Burgio: attended the European institute of design in Rome and has had many international solo exhibitions. Amongst the different design objects there is a collection of creations inspired by the santuzza (little Saint) of Palermo, Santa Rosalia. Purchase online.

Lyga Design: two sisters, both architects and creative personalities, they move freely across the boundaries between architecture, design and scenic design, bringing together watercolour, multi-vision, interior design. They have a very interesting collection of clothes inspired by the sea and also the sciara scarves, with an elegant and original design. Purchase online.

Achab: this shop has many objects created by local artists (Via Alloro, 13)

Vuedu: a show-room with a strong identity, which produces its own collection of clothes and also hosts creations by local artists: via Sperlinga, 32 (close to Massimo Theatre)

Contemporary custom-tailored shoes at Rizzo Manufacture Studio: Bizio Rizzo and Marilena Sardina are the creative owners. Original design and manufacture. Music is the central idea for every creation. A store which becomes a meeting point for the customer and the stylist, an opportunity to create and personalise your shoes together, or choose from the ready made collection. Via Ruggero Settimo, 74/d

For a contemporary cut, Marika Capelli: a very young artist coming from the Skip Community, for original and super coloured cuts in a modern and authentic ambience. Via Lungarini, (zone of Via V. Emanuele)

Skip La Comune (The Skip Community): Via Sampolo 135. It is not simply a hair dresser, but also a cultural meeting place for the artists of Palermo and elsewhere. Flair, creative impulse, and freedom of expression are characteristics of Skip style and of the ambience where he works.

Da Fabio: Via Archimede, on the corner with Via Isidoro La Lumia (zone of via Libertà): resin flooring, pictures and faded photos on the walls, a whole drum kit including bass drum, snare drum and tom, and jazz music which is a religion in this place… and if you ask his father, a real jazz lover, he will play his trumpet for you. Haircuts for men and women, young and old. Not to be missed!


Gentilgesto / made with love in Sicily: "Gentilgesto - friendly atelier", c / o Address: Via del Fervore 48/50 in Palermo.
It is a space dedicated to creativity. An exhibition space, workshop and performative in which to meet, to experience, discover the different ways of art and the arts. Art to grow, to learn, to know, art to see, touch, feel, eat, smell, art of making. Art for the senses sensitive and heartfelt, art as a cure, art as a search for life.


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