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What to do

>Guided tours, visits, wine tastings, courses & workshops Clic here!

>What's On and things to do in Palermo: exhibitions, events, concerts, theatre performances in Palermo and nearby Palermo...Clic here!

>Movies in Palermo (Original versions)

>GLBT Friendly Palermo: groups, bars, places + Sicilia Queer Film Fest


GLBT TOURISM in Palermo? Visit Palermo offers GLBT friendly accomodations and services.

Please feel free to make an enquiry. Contact us on info[@]

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visit palermo urban city guide


If you see our sign "recommended by" on the window of a shop, bar or restaurant, it means that we like it!

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Guided city tours, excursions, wine tastings, cooking courses & workshops...

Discover Palermo (and the rest of Sicily)...

Many places worth visiting happen to be off the beaten tourist track. We can help you to explore Palermo in depth.

Our excursions are aimed at showing the more interesting tourist sites in the different areas of the city but also at giving you the chance to meet the people who represent them, who have lived and worked there forever; legends, ancient and actual history that contribute in describing the atmosphere and the identity.

From artistically acclaimed churches to more modest artisan work shops, Noble palaces and small cultural associations, from well known piazzas to hidden side streets we will help to grasp a bit more of Palermo and its surroundings



what to do in palermo

Cinema in Palermo (Original versions)

In Italy film dubbing is (unfortunately) a must. You might probably find it funny and weird (listening to De Niro speaking Italian). Anyway, we boast about a very good artistic film dubbing school, so that's it...
But if you are a film-addicted and you look for original version films in Palermo you should go to:

Goethe Institut Palermo

Centre culturel français de Palerme et de Sicile

Instituto Cervantes Palermo

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where to eat well in Palermo

Tired of tourist traps and fake restaurant reviews?

Contact us by email to get suggestions about the best restaurants and trattorie from a local point of view.


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Turisme og ferieboliger i Palermo?

Sicilia er en vakker, merkelig øy. Hvis du vil besøke den og oppdage øyas skjulte sider, hjelper vi deg å bli kjent med mer enn myter og stereotyper. er en portal for folk som vil gjøre et dypdykk i turisme, universitetsliv, forskning og arbeidsmarked i Sicilia og Palermo.

Palermo er et fantastisk utgangspunkt for å utforske resten av Sicilia. På finner du råd og vink...

Reisetips om Palermo / Informasjon, bilder og kart / Overnatting i Palermo / Historie og tradisjoner / Turforslag / Kurs og workshops / Rådgiving / Tolketjeneste / logistikk / Skriv til oss på norsk!  

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