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Degustazioni di vino a Palermo

wine tastings in Palermo and wine tours in Sicily

Try our Wine tastings in Palermo City Centre. Discover local wines accompanied by a selection of local products in some of the best enotecas in Palermo city centre.


HIC, traditional Enoteca (wine shop) in the city centre, located in one of the trendiest and more vibrant areas of town:

€20 wine tasting (4 wines)

€26 wine tasting plus aperitivo (4 wines, grissini, bread, oil, cheese)

€35 wine tasting and light lunch (2 wines and one course).

Additional wines can be selected from the shelves and included in the tasting (at winery list prices, with a discount).

Wine and food tasting in CANA, a traditional and cosy Enoteca (wine shop):

This will be held in a very nice wine shop in the historical centre of Palermo. You can taste some of our famous wine together with a selection of food "km zero", which means that everything is really fresh, as this enoteca has a particular attention to organic and local food. In this case, you have three options of formula:

26 €/pax: 4 wines, tasting of 2 kind of cheese (Fiore Sicano cheese, Ragusano cheese or vastedda del Belice) and 2 kind of ham (black salami from Nebrodi mountains, fresh sausage from Sant'Angelo), grissini, ginger bread chips, bread. All products are local or, as we say here, "km zero";

35 €/pax: 2 wines, cheese and ham tasting above, vegetarian tris (red lentils pie with fresh tuma cheese, potato pie and Genoese courgettes mini-quiche) with salad and potatoes; spicy pineapple or coconut pudding with mango and ginger coulis;

50 €/pax: 4 wines, cheese and ham tasting above, oven baked pasta with broccoli arriminati (fried cauliflower) or sardines (depending on the season); falsomagro (stuffed meat speciality), dessert: cassata al forno.

Cost per person:

2 h

Monday: 19-22
Tuesday: 19-22
Wednesday: 19-22
Thursday: 19-22
Friday: 19-22
Saturday: 19-22
Sunday: 19-22

Main language
italian, english

Other languages
french, spanish


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