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Palermo/ Sambuca di Sicilia / Vittoria (RG), Noto (SR), Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)

Visite guidate alle aziende vinicole Planeta

wine tastings in Palermo and wine tours in Sicily

We offer a visit to beautiful countryside wineries in Ulmo Winery - Sambuca di Sicilia (AG), Dorilli Winery-Vittoria (RG), Buonivini Winery- Noto (SR), Feudo di Mezzo Winery on Mt. Etna - Castiglione di Sicilia (CT),  and it takes up to 4 hours plus the trip to and from. 

Guided visit to the winery

Visitors can take guided tours of the winery, enjoy wine tastings and stroll through the sunny vineyards


Wine tasting

4 wines: €20

6 wines: €25

4 cru ( selected top wines Planeta): €25

Each tasting ends with a selection of Planeta Extra Vergin olive oil Dop Val di Mazara.

It’s possible to complete the tasting with other wines, buying a bottle or by the glass, according to wine shop pricelist.

After the wine-tasting it is possible to continue with an aperitif or a lunch:

Light appetizer: A selection of tasty specialties, typical Sicilian appetizers: bread with Planeta extra virgin olive oil, olives, croutons, cherrytomatoes, local cheese. €10, 60 mins

Aperitif 1: A buffet with traditional appetizers, from the Sciacca anchovies in Planeta olive oil to sweet Kamarino tomatoes, bruschetta, vegetables omelettes and a selection of Sicilian cheese and salami. 20 euro, 60 min

Aperitif 2: A buffet with traditional appetizers, fries (as panelle and aubergines cutlets), seasonal salads, vegetables, aubergines Caponata and a selection of Sicilian cheese and salami. €25, 60 min

Light lunch: After the welcome of the winery (selection of typical appetizers) a first course pasta or traditional Sicilian soup and seasonal vegetables. This proposal includes seasonal fruit, coffee, biscuits and a selected wine. €30, 90 min

Lunch: A small buffet of appetizers followed by a 3 – courses lunch inspired by traditional recipes of the territory, served with 2 wines . The lunch ends with seasonal fruit, local biscuits and coffee. €40, 120 min

Exclusive itineraries:


Casa Planeta: At Ulmo it is possible to have a complete lunch with traditional Casa Planeta recipes, served in the wide central room of the farmhouse. Minimum 8 participants €50, 120 min

Pic nic: At Buonivini it is possible to have an informal pic nic with local products - to enjoy under the carob trees shadow. Available from April to October , 20 euro, 60 min

Under the volcano: At Sciaranuova it is possible to match the wines with a selection of traditional Sicilian cheese. 20 euro, 60 min

No sundays.

If you do not drive we can arrange for you a trip with driver.

Cost per person:


Monday: 11 am
Tuesday: 11 am
Wednesday: 11 am
Thursday: 11 am
Friday: 11 am
Saturday: 11 am

Main language
italian, english


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