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La Villa degli alberi Acireale


The origin of The Villa degli Alberi came from Letizia's wish to provide travellers from around the world with the comfort of their own home, from which they can discover the real Sicily and experience the generous hospitality of the Sicilian people. Sottoglialberi comprises three bright suites, with large windows affording extensive views of the garden with swimming pool.
Located between the world famous Taormina and Catania, only 2 km from the historical centre of Acireale, and 1 km from the highway, it is immersed in the green, open spaces of a private villa. The Villa is the ideal place to relax in a charming environment within easy reach of Eastern Sicily’s most fascinating sites.
The villa has a large garden, pool , and consists of 4 double bedrooms ( two of which also has a single bed), 4 bathrooms, 3 living area and kitchen. You will have a warm and familiar, while at the same time reserved and quiet for a stay of relaxation and harmony .
  Unfenced and unheated pool open according to seasons;  Outdoors games for children;  Bed linen and towels provided;   WiFi connection;  Car parking
ACIREALE: Acireale is the center of the Piazza del Duomo, onto which some of the most important buildings of the city, including the Cathedral, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, the Municipal Palace, the Palace Modò.
The Cathedral is dedicated to Maria Santissima Annunziata, but it is commonly attributed to the cult of Santa Venera, the patron saint.
The Collegiate Church of San Sebastiano is the most important church in Acireale, declared a national monument. Made in the eighteenth century, has a facade to multiple orders, preceded by a balustrade. The interior is full of frescoes by Paolo Vasta.
Corso Umberto is a stroll of the city, facing the street along which several palaces. Turn left after about 350 m, you arrive in Piazza Garibaldi (known as 'the square', by ACES), which is at the center, dedicated to the fallen statue by the sculptor Michael acese La Spina. Also on the west side of the piazza Mauger contemplates the Theatre, very popular in the sixties. Continuing along Corso Umberto, for another 500 m you will reach Piazza E, where the right is the entrance to the Villa Belvedere, which opened in the nineteenth century and the north side of the statement of the Church of the address, in the neoclassical style. Are less important noble palaces Musumeci (with entrance portal carved in volcanic stone) and Calanna and the churches of San Biagio, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Our Lady of Caramel in the Caramel district, San Domenico, San Filippo Blacks, St. Rocco, Mary and Mary Magdalene Odigitria. Other churches are located in all districts of the municipality and the total number justifies Appel city of a hundred bell towers.
The Timpa is a promontory approximately 80 meters in height near the coast of Acireale. Since 1999 it has become natural reserve. It is characterized by volcanic rocks in tiers and various faults which grows in dense vegetation, the territory of the reserve has preserved and largely unspoiled, although placed in a context of particular human activities, such as the east coast north of Catania.
TAORMINA: is one of the most important international tourist centers of Sicily for its enchanting natural landscape, the beautiful sea and its historical monuments. Situated on a hill 206 m above sea level, suspended between sea and rocks on a terrace of Monte Tauro, in a setting of natural beauty and contrasts the single variety of reasons. Enhanced by the greek theater, from the majestic grandeur of Etna, from a beautiful coastline of Cape Taormina and Isola Bella.
SANTA MARIA LA SCALA: is a fraction of the town of Acireale, near Catania.
The village is located on the Ionian coast at the foot of Timpa, about 3 km from Acireale, which is the closest outlet to the sea. The inhabitants are known locally as the Scaloti.
This village is situated at the foot of the Acireale Timpa and gathers around the marina that large scale, on the narrow promenade stretching to the south. At the southern end of the village there is a water mill powered by the source Miuccio that flows a few meters from the sea by the cliffs of Timpa and that is of great naturalistic importance. To the north of the town, accessible by sea, is the palombe Cave (Cave of the pigeons), a cave complex in the basalts do now heavily damaged by storm surges. According to legend he was a loving shelter of the shepherd Acis and Galatea, the nymph.
Links to Acireale are provided by a single road that replaces the old road called the Chiazzette, no paved road, which is the shortest route connecting the city and today is an interesting nature trail through the nature reserve of La Timpa.
ACICASTELLO: known for 'The Castle of Aci', fortification of uncertain origin, was the focus of territorial development of the ACI in the Middle Ages. During the Sicilian Vespers, was subjected to the lordship of Roger of Lauria, then in the Aragonese period was John of Sicily, and finally coming of Alagona besieged several times. Today it houses a museum.
ACITREZZA: (Trizza in Sicilian) is a fraction of the town of Aci Castello.
The view of Aci Trezza is dominated by the stacks of the Cyclops: eight picturesque basaltic rocks, according to legend, were thrown by Polyphemus to Ulysses during his escape. The stacks appear on coats of arms of municipalities of Aci Castello, Acireale, Aci Bonaccorsi Aci Catena. Not far from the coast (about 400 m away), there is the Island Lachea, identified with the Homeric island of Capri and now the seat of a station of biology studies at the University of Catania .. A fishing village of ancient and great tradition, is famous for its scenery.




Rooms: 8
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4

Type of beds

3 double bed(s), 1 single bed(s)


shower, Bidet, hair dryer


Cooking stove, fridge, outdoor kitchen, kettle

Other amenities

air con, internet, heating, garden, parking slot, TV, DVD player, TV Sat, barbecue, outdoor furniture, pool, bed linen and towels


15th august, New year, Easter minimum stay 2 nights, daily or weekly cleaning service included

Availability and rates

Month ()Price per week ()Price/night ()Minimum stay (Nights)
1 January
31 January
1 february
28 february
1 March
31 March
1 April
30 April
1 May
31 May
1 June
30 June
1 July
31 July
1 August
31 August
1 September
30 September
1 October
31 October
1 November
30 November
1 December
31 December

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