MICRO - Tourist Information Centre Palermo

A cosy and welcoming tourist information centre in the historical centre of Palermo, Via Alloro 19, near Palazzo Abatellis and Piazza Marina

MICRO is a cosy and welcoming tourist information centre in the historical centre of Palermo, Via Alloro 19.

MICRO is our new address, the place where you can meet our staff and discover our cultural and tourist services.

We will help you to know Palermo and Sicily better and to solve any little problem during your holiday (like help booking accommodation or services in other cities in Sicily, or printing out your boarding card...)

Come to visit us!

You can browse our collection of rare and interesting travel books and brochures and you will receive a gift: the VisitPalermo YOU ARE WELCOME CARD, which gives you a 10% discount at the department store La Rinascente, in Via Roma (its terrace has a breathtaking view over the old town...)

At MICRO you will be able to book services offered by VisitPalermo.it and VisitingSicily.it during your Sicilian holiday:

- Low cost rental service of bicycles, cars, minivans, and baby and young children equipment
- Transfer with private driver in Sicily
- Tailored guided tours of Palermo and the main tourist sites in the surrounding area (and beyond...)
- Nature excursions: Trekking, Horse riding, Kayaking, Off-roading in the Madonie Mountains, Sail boat charters along the Sicilian coast and to the islands...

If you are planning a stay in Palermo, there are many different ways to get to know the city...

...from classic tours (all the details of cultural tours- prices, duration, itineraries on our website page here

...to the less conventional, a couple of examples:

-Palermo in a vintage car

-Palermo by bicycle: many possible itineraries lasting about 3 hours, with a tourist guide

Some alternative itineraries

Palermo Streat Tour, tour of the historical markets of Palermo and its street food;

Palermo wine tastings and visit to Vineyards in Sicily

Palermo Antimafia, tour of Palermo with an anti-mafia activist from the association AddioPizzo, that will show you the main symbolic places from the story of mafia and antimafia;

If you are a food lover (those coming to Sicily surely are!) we offer you Sicilian traditional cooking courses, wine, handcrafted beers and organic local food tastings, and reservations in a selection of our favourite restaurants.

Last but not least, don't forget to download the Urban City Guide of Palermo (www.urbancityguide.it) to your smartphone, the best urban guide to the artistic and historical heritage of Palermo and the urban innovation of the city. Urban City Guide provides you an up-to-date map of the recent changes in Palermo urban structure with more than 100 description files (multifunctional cultural spaces, renewed historical buildings, re-used old industrial areas, urban parks, co-working and design sites). Descriptions in Italian and in English.

Show up at MICRO our new Tourist Information Centre for further information and hints to enjoy your stay in Palermo and Sicily!


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